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Vroom and Groom

Vroom and Groom

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Introducing our 'Vroom and Groom' Gift Box, a revved-up collection for the motorcycle and car enthusiast. Inside, you'll find a unique motorcycle pizza cutter and a bike chain bottle opener for those garage gatherings. Working on machines inevitably comes with grease and grime, which is why this box includes a themed cotton hand towel and hangable hemp soap bag with soap. Use the exfoliating bag with soap inside directly in water, scrub clean, and dry up with this back-pocket friendly towel. 

Whether you're cruising the open road or enjoying some downtime, this gift box adds the perfect balance accessories that are sure to wow and delight. 

This box includes 

  • Motorcycle Pizza Cutter
  • Bike Chain Bottle Opener
  • Hemp exfoliating soap bag
  • Personalizable cotton hand towel
  • Hand soap bar and body wash


Checkout Ten Thousand Villages for information on the community of makers that created the pizza cutter, bottle opener, and soap bag. We look to ethically source, support small crafters, and reduce waste as part of our sustainable gifting model. 

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