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Precious and Purple

Precious and Purple

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Purple is the color of royalty, and lavender the symbol of devotion and serenity - and this box conveys a hidden meaning within each selection. 

  • Lavender Sugar Scrub - not only will this make one feel like the queen they are, but it’s made by the women of Mercy House Global (check them out online, they are also from Texas!)
  • Advocate Morse code bracelet - Made by women in Nepal, and sourced ethically through Ten Thousand Villages, this bracelet is a coded reminder of the core strength within. 
  • Pure Vanilla Lip butter - Also made by Mercy House Global, this portable lip butter is a little reminder of the power speaking one’s truth can have in the world. 
  • White Birch Candle and purple-tipped matches - this gentle scent and bright flame is sure to warm any space, or when unlit these paired together bring color and personality wherever they lay. 
  • Lavender and Lilac chocolate - a postcard that can include a message of motivation, or a personalized note to someone in your life.
  • Lavender paper flowers - a symbol of devotion and serenity, a character trait much desired and appreciated by those close enough to feel its delicate presence, much like the aroma of lavender itself. 


Shipped in fully recyclable materials, this box is easy to send, reuse, and recycle - plus who doesn’t love our confetti packing material? 

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