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Necklace Print

When someone is experiencing loss, there are often no words that express what our hearts wish to say. This box is not meant to be fashionable or flashy or overly sentimental. It is simply an offering of companionship, friendship, and acknowledgement of the grief. 

Inside is a lightweight throw blanket in a gentle blue, not heavy or harsh, nor bright or fancy. It’s a cotton hug for holding around shoulders or laying under while taking a much required nap. For restless nights there is a box of sleep encouraging tea - and the honey for a touch of sweetness. A tall mug with elongated spoon makes it easy for chilled hands to wrap around and gather a bit of warmth. Finally, a candle and necklace - both items of remembrance. A candle represents a light within the darkness, a promise of hope and relief to come. The necklace a touchstone that can be worn on the days when the memories are close to one’s mind. 

Included is a robin hanging element which says “Always missed, Never forgotten.” The robin has historically been associated with loss and grief, and is often seen as a messenger of comfort from the loved one lost.

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