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Of Hobbits and Dragons

Of Hobbits and Dragons

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Looking for a gift for your favorite book reader, or a book lover yourself looking for a creative way to enjoy a story you’ve read?

Inspired by the journey of Bilbo Baggins, this journey begins by opening a dragon-guarded hoard.

Each box contains a “Bookclub” scent wood wick candle with matches, a large, quote-marked tea towel for use in the kitchen or to cover a table for afternoon tea, a relaxing tea in a journey size container, a pair of wood earrings to ground you on the way, a 3d printed book dragon, and three body care items to take on the go. 

  • Bookclub scent candle with matches
  • Second Breakfast tea blend with golden teapot strainer
  • Hobbit quote tea towel large enough to serve as tea tablecloth for two
  • Wood earrings with stainless steel backing
  • Magnetic Bookmark and golden “heart” bookmarks for favorite passages
  • 3D printed Book Wyrm (dragon) 
  • Three body care items for on the go
  • Hair tie with spring or gold print

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Packaged and shipped in fully recyclable materials, including our confetti packing!

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