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Fourth Wing - Violet’s Box

Fourth Wing - Violet’s Box

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Looking for a gift for your favorite book reader, or a book lover yourself looking for a creative way to enjoy a story you’ve read?

Inspired by the not-yet-finished story of Violet and Xaden, this box focuses on the journey of becoming a dragon rider. Included are items that pay homage to Tairn, a powerful black dragon, Andarna, and the beauty that is the dragon-form.

  • Violet Woods scent candle with violet-tipped matches
  • Fourth Wing quote book tote straight from the heart of a librarian
  • Dragon scale gua sha massage tool in obsidian black
  • Dragon wings earrings in a sparkle blue black that hints at the true nature of Andarna (hidden in the blooming dahlia when packaged)
  • 3D printed Black Dragon Tairn
  • Tea blend to drink while you read (or re-read) and chocolate bar treat
  • Sugar scrub (Lavendar) and lip balm (pure vanilla) made by the at risk women at Mercy House Global

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Packaged and shipped in fully recyclable materials, including our confetti packing!

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