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Dinosaur Bundle Box

Dinosaur Bundle Box

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Gift a box they’re sure to rawr about. This kit is perfect for kids who love everything dinosaur - and for parents who like activities that can be enjoyed and consumed without adding to the clutter. Now includes a 3d printed, glow in the dark Flexible T-Rex with base. Capable of standing on its own, or laying flat, this fantastic T-Rex is a fossil toy come to life - and we bury at the bottom of the box for your adventurer to unearth!

Featuring three mystery dinosaur eggs - each box contains a surprise within a surprise! Bonus fun is a Dinosaur candy dispenser - we'll let you guess where the candy comes out.

Each box comes with three easy setup Dino-ramas with paper stands as backdrops for the dinosaur surprise toys and the dinosaur stickers. Pack everything back up for easy transport and slip into a play bag using the travel pouch featuring a dinosaur RAWR. Make creative food, trees, and other elements using the included play dough, or pretend lava is creeping in with the slime. Once play time is over, clean up in the bath with the Raptor shaped soap!

Dino fossil card included with message on the back. 

Make a kid’s day Dino-riffic!

Included in this Dino-mite box

  • Glow in the dark, 3d printed Flexi-Rexi  with base (recyclable, too!)
  • Three dissolve and crack eggs revealing dinosaur toys
  • Dinosaur candy dispenser
  • Two play dough containers
  • One slime container (color varies)
  • Raptor shaped soap
  • Three recyclable Dino-ramas with paper stands
  • Travel pouch with kids scissors
  • Dinosaur fact cards and coloring sheets
  • Fossil card with message


All packages are packed and shipped with recyclable materials. Small batch means we always have limited quantities of our kits - so get one before its gone!

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