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Classic Tales - Pride and Prejudice Book Wyrm

Classic Tales - Pride and Prejudice Book Wyrm

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Classic Tales - Pride and Prejudice

Bookworms are cute for kids and stories, but for adults who love fantasy and fiction - those are Book Wyrms! Each box features one multi-tonal, flexible dragon that promises to watch over its owner’s book hoarde. Lay across a shelf, on top of books, or play with it as a toy - a Book Wyrm is sure to be a fun addition to any home.

This statement towel is a tongue-in-cheek reference to today’s modern take on “tea.” A good story is definitely a great way to start a conversation, and this towel spreads out large enough to be a mini-tablecloth perfect for serving tea inspired by the story itself.

The box includes:

  • Pride and Prejudice tea blend with golden teapot strainer
  • Inspired quote on tea towel large enough to be a tablecloth for two during an afternoon tea
  • Magnetic Bookmark and golden “favorite passages” bookmarks
  • 3d printed book wyrm
  • three body care items

Packaged in fully recyclable materials including our confetti packing!



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